Brielle’s 3rd Birthday Party-Peppa Pig

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Brielle’s Third Birthday

The only thing this girl really wanted was a cake and something Peppa.  We weren’t going to throw her a party originally but about two weeks leading up to her big day she kept talking about her big party and Brendan and I looked at each other and were like whoops!  So I frantically started throwing ideas together. 

One thing I will say though…if you are going to Pinterest to gain inspiration on a birthday party maybe stick to one or two key ideas. Don’t try to do every single thing you come across or you will just go mad!

I ended up borrowing a bunch of cake supplies from a friend and making Brielle’s Birthday cake myself.  I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.  It took me a whole day and several failed attempts but I wasn’t about to let a cake get the best of me.  It was delicious I do say so myself!  Not sure if I will do it every year still though!

All in all I didn’t really get to take any photos of the actual party itself or the food. Brielle was running around and having so much fun I didn’t even get many of her either.  I am completely ok with that though.  I took these before guests started arriving and then after that we all were just in party mode. We made hotdogs, hamburgers, vegetable burgers, tons of fruit, and salad, we had pizza, cupcakes, cotton candy ice cream cones, pink juice that Brielle went crazy for.

I can’t believe she is THREE!

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