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This breakfast room area had me puzzled for a while.  I was just not sure of what I wanted and if their is anything my past two homes have taught me, it was that I didn’t want to rush to buy something only to find out that it wasn’t the end game look I desired in the first place.  We have very limited furniture when moving into this home due to it being a lot larger in size.  I wasn’t about to go run out and buy just anything!  So I waited. ..and I waited!

Meanwhile I used what I had to hold me over. I had a large mirror that was used in our entry way in our Calgary Townhouse that no joke was the exact measurements of the window! How lucky!  I knew immediately that it was the perfect choice to balance out the room because I crave symmetry and genuinely believe this makes the difference!


The first thing I purchased was this oval table from Ikea.  I actually had our friends drive it to us from Calgary when they had scheduled a visit. I am happy with it especially since our kids are still so young that  I am not overly worried about it getting ruined.  The second thing I found was this stunning French inspired bench that honestly I could not get out of my mind once I saw it perusing Wayfair Canada.  Once I had these few things I let it sit for a while until one day I could not handle it any longer that the walls and window panes were all mismatching and in desperate need for a fresh coat of paint.  There were rough scuff marks just about everywhere!  Little did I know that this small yet amazing transformation would prompt be to paint the whole back end of my house!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with how light and airy this space has become.  There are lots of other things on my wish list for this space that will all fall into place in due time.


Here are a few ideas that twirl around in my head!

  1. I want to put a three way fire place and feature wall that widen the entrance way between our breakfast room and our dining room.  That would be the wall to the left of the window sized mirror.
  2. I need a Jute Rug.
  3. I need new chairs. Looking for the perfect ones that have an interesting shape on top like the bench and that are not fabric!
  4. Looking for a round piece that fits perfectly to go above the bench.  I am super picky.
  5. Molding
  6. Refinishing the floors so they are no longer orange!
  7. I would LOVE to either have centered  french doors or a window wall that completely opens up to an indoor/outdoor living space for our patio.  I am not sure If I will ever do that without a full sized screen due to us living in a horrible location for mosquitoes and bugs.

I have a list like this for just about every corner of my house.  It’s just what I do! I don’t think it would be any different if we had chosen to build a brand new house.  I just like mixing things up and refreshing spaces.  It may have something to do with being a military child and traveling extensively my whole life.  Sometimes change is incredible!

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