Book Review-Memory Man by David Baldacci

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Hey there book worms!  Did you know that about 8 years ago I started a youtube channel called BernthruBooks (see what I did there?) but then deleted it because I was too shy.  I would do video book reviews of my thoughts of books I was reading at the time.  This year I made a goal for myself to read one book a month (something I used to do so frequently and often) because I haven’t made time for it in ages and well you know what they say. Use it or loose it.  I feel like I have mom brain now more than ever.  (See what I did there?) So I have decided to share with you what I am reading!

The first book I read this year was on our vacation and anytime I travel I gravitate towards David Baldacci because he is a writer I know well and I can read it with distractions going on at the same time (like airplane rides).

I am going to do this review out of order from the way I read it but in the right order that they were written. I happened to pick up the second novel in the airport but then loved the character so much that I decided to also read the first one.

Also I don’t think I am going to give full on synopsis reviews of these books unless at some point it’s requested to do so. The mystery factor of these two books in particular are too good!

Memory Man

(Book one in the Amos Decker Series)

In the very first chapter the book sets the scene with Amos Decker discovering the deaths of his family. From then on out this murder mystery turns into a suspenseful thriller that will give you a blood rush.

As much as I kept trying to solve or had an inkling of what was going on is the exact moment that the whole mystery would just get more involved and more thrilling.

Amos Decker’s character in particular is very intriguing.  He sustained a horrible football accident altering his brain leaving him with perfect memory. He went to an institute voluntarily to learn more about what had happened to him and why he sees in colour at the most inopportune times.  It gave him the tools to move on and be able to adapt in society.  He married and had a daughter and used his new perfect memory for good by becoming one of the top detectives in his precinct. That all drastically changed once his family died. Amos Decker lost everything.

Even with his perfect memory he had no idea who had killed his family and no leads. That all changed when the day someone walked into the police station and confessed to it.  From there the chase begins.  He slowly makes his way back on to cases, gaining the respect of the FBI, and regaining bits of himself along the way.


The only one for me that really stands out is that they explained the details of his perfect memory and his condition of seeing in colour over and over until I was about blue in the face.  In college I took a class that helps you read fast by reading in phrases and so I ultimately started skimming these parts and they were not exciting 🙂

Overall I really did enjoy this book and I read it on two airplane rides.




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