Worry Free Money

I was browsing around Chapters one day after pre school drop off in hopes of finding an old school budget planner.  While I found no such planner, I did grab two financial books on a whim. When I spotted the book I wasn’t sure if it was the cheerful yellow that grabbed my attention or […] Read More

Stone Cold by David Baldacci

The first thing you have to understand is that there are no good guys. There are only people. Some of them you like more than others. But don’t let your feeling for them distract from the fact that they are cold, and calculating, and probably wouldn’t like you if given a chance. The second thing […] Read More

Book Review- Nocturnal Animals by Austin Wright

Where do I start? With the Beginning or with just how much I disliked this book? The book goes back and forth between Susan’s current life and the storyline of the manuscript she is reading that was given to her from her ex husband. He asked her for feedback on his work after twenty years […] Read More

Book Review-The Last Mile by David Baldacci

The Last Mile (Book Two in the Amos Decker Series) Book One – The Last Mile review is here  I read The Last Mile before I read Memory Man. And although on a calendar one book would obviously follow the other, the two books stand-alone in their plot and substance. All except for the most important […] Read More

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