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Sweater BB Dakota : Nico Lady and Baby


So I am going to share something with you that I am not proud of… but its truth.  When and I was younger (much younger )  I was incredibly focused on what size my clothes were. Like they had to be XS or S or if it was Abercrombie XXS :/  I did NOT know what it meant to look for clothes with a good fit and the concept of buying something oversized was completely lost on me.  Maybe it was the southern California culture that I was completely immersed in but this is what effected my shopping decisions in my early years of spending.

It’s funny how much style and things in general change over time.  Now I honestly could care less what the tag says as long as it’s giving me the look or vibe I am trying to achieve.  Which I can honestly say is the one thing that hasn’t changed over the years; how much thought I put into an outfit or mixing and matching to make something creative.

Long story short, I am obsessed with this cozy BB Dakota Size Large sweater that I got recently from Nico Lady and Baby here in Regina, SK.  And since I am being completely honest here, I tried on a smaller size and the sweater doesn’t look at all the same as it does in a Large.  It is so soft and I have literally been wearing it everyday and is  perfect for transitioning into Fall.


Photos done by Sarah Cheshire


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