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Sweater: //  Skirt is from Victoria Secret // Shoes are from Winners  // Bag is YSL 

The holiday season is here!  Our schedule is filling up with company parties, customer appreciation gatherings, social gatherings, church gatherings, and trying to squeeze a few of our own in their as well!  I love this look because its festive but casual!The color of the sweater gives me Kim K vibes even though I am not sporting her infamous nude lips.  I really do like how messy my hair looks also.  Sometimes having everything completely perfect and pieced together can just look so overdown.  This sequin skirt is an old gem but surprising I haven’t really worn it.  I just never really had the perfect piece to pair with it but I think it makes a statment with these long sleeved sweater with bell  sleeves. I love dusting off old things!

As stressful as this time of the year can be for many.  Just try to enjoy all the things as much as you can!  Remember it’s about being with people, in whatever way that means for you.  Taking the time to show appreciation, a listening ear, doing something nice for someone will all be things on my mind this month in hopes to make it less stressful for everyone.

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