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IMG_6245 IMG_6354 IMG_6356It’s strange to me to think that I have now lived in Calgary for four years.  The more that the realization sets in that this might be the place we set roots and raise our children, the more I realize I have so much to explore here.

Having moved around my whole life (33 times) I have learned early on to really travel and explore your city while you can.  But ever since I have moved to Calgary I have barely tapped into all this city has to offer.  For some reason I have got into this mindset that we will be here for a while so I have all this time.

It’s crazy to me how quickly I got wrapped in my career (pre kids) and then with being a mom that I completely stopped discovering and exploring. Case in point.. this November.  We will have been home owners now for 3 years.  We just recently discovered an incredible walking path with an uber secret park.  I say “secret” because we are the only ones who seem to go. As I made the short walk on our on our newly discovered path on a new adventure I truly had a HUGE wake up call! I don’t do nearly enough in enjoying this amazing city!

So on this note I decided to FINALLY check out this place called Lady Bug Cafe.  I only learned  of this place by researching local juice cleanses last summer. This particular cafe has a small company called Delicate and Raw located within the cafe.

This place in incredible inside!  You walk in and the energy is always so positive and upbeat.  Your greeted with one of the most exquisite pastry displays that in a seconds glance tricks you into thinking you are some fantastic location in Europe.  The tables and chairs are all white with fresh flowers. Benches with pillows and service staff who are mindful, I simply fell in love.

Though this place is pricey you know you are ordering quality dishes.  Their menu is not located online so I stood at the ordering counter for some time while I carefully read all of my options. I went with the dungeness crab and salmon eggs benedict followed by a lemon tart.  Both were utter perfection.  Be sure to comment below on any recommendations or favorite spots you have discovered so we can check them out!

Looking forward to many more adventures


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