6 Color Themed Kindergarten Lunches!

 In Diary

Blue Day!

Blue corn chips, Wow Butter and grape sandwich, blueberry yoghurt, blue jello with sharks, simply fit blueberry granola, school safe banana bread. 

Red Day!

Wow butter and strawberry jam, red bell pepper, red grape tomatoes, twizzlers, strawberries, watermelon, red bell pepper triscuits, chicken cut out in shapes, red apple, daiya strawberry yoghurt.

Yellow day!

Sliced chicken and cheese roll ups with bell pepper cut outs in letters, yellow bell pepper, applesauce, Mac and cheese (protein noodles) yellow grape tomatoes, chocolate egg treats, Fiberwise bars peach cobbler, Banana.

Purple Day:

Plum, Fruit to Go, beets cut out into shapes, mozzarella, WOW butter and grape penguin sandwich, grapes, berry yogurt.

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