5 Months Postpartum

 In Diary

I cannot believe my baby boy is 5 months old today!! Time just flies!!


Brighton is completely rolling over both ways now, reaching for toys constantly, loves to stare at Lexi, tries to crawl by wailing his legs and arms swimmer style. He has two teeth on his bottom jaw, Loves to sit and eat his rice cereal, and likes to relax in the bath.

As far as his schedule goes (this changes depending on his mood or how he is feeling but overall this is pretty consistent)

  1. 7:00AM Wakes up to eat
  2. 8:45 Takes a Nap until 10AM
  3. 10AM Eats
  4. 10AM-1PM Play Time/Walk in carriage
  5. 12:30-1PM Eats
  6. 2PM Naps
  7. 4PM Eats
  8. 6:30 Eats and 1 Tablespoon of Rice Cereal
  9. 7:15 BathTime
  10. 7:30 He is passed out.



We left him with a babysitter (close friends of ours) to celebrate our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!! YAY!! I knew he was in good hands, however, this was so hard! It was only for two hours & he was asleep. HAHA I just love him so much!

For an update on me:

I HAVE LOST 40 LBS EXACTLY!! I have loads of energy again which is so refreshing because for a long time I just couldn’t get my act together.  Surprisingly I have a lot to do throughout the day even being a stay at home mom!!  For weight I am at 128lbs. I am working on doing the squat challenge and the Plank Challenge at the moment basically because it’s so quick to do (10 Minutes)!  I really don’t think I will be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes though!! The squats I can handle. I am already doing 100 a day. 🙂 YAY!  I can officially button up my pre-pregnancy jeans now….that doesn’t mean I should though!  As I am excited I can get them over my rear end I am still going to wait to loose a tad more weight so that they are flattering. Lets be real here, I am mostly wearing my PJ’s anyhow!!!  I feel really good about myself and body even with the knowledge that my skin and belly button have gone down the drain…I feel healthy.  I don’t socialize with the “real” world that often as we are home bodies still.  But I do make a point to take Brighton to his Gym class once or twice a week. I can’t wait for him to be 6 months though because his class changes to the weekend and Dad can come with us!! Dad makes everything so much better!!




Brighton Feeding Himself:

Love you girls!  XOXO F9ABC3CA47253157CA0617C388BB0959

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