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Grey TShirt is ZSupply // Headphones c/o Sudio        //


Growing up near a beach my whole life has given me a real love for being near the water.  It gives me so much peace and clarity!  I was so impressed with how easy it is to rent kayaks down at the Marina rentals on Wascana Lake here in Regina.  Its honestly so beautiful and the perfect place to wind down after a long week.  I have been a slave to audible these past two months and being able to listen to a good book and relax is serious heaven.

I was sent these white headphones with rose gold touches and after having them for over a month now really wanted to share how great they are.  The sound quality is most noteworthy for sure! These are the vasa Bla design and I love them for books, travel, and listening to music. I took them on a day trip when I flew to Vancouver and on the plane they perform really well!  I really wanted to try a kind like this for running because the version I have now hurt the top of my ears but this design unfortunately fall out (it comes with lots of sizes of earbuds so looking to see if size adjustment helps here). I also wish that it would announce the battery level (which is 9 hours) when you turn it on like my others do just so I know where I am at.  These come with such an adorable leather travel case.  Such a nice touch! The cord is a tangle free cord which is surprisingly accurate!  The packaging and Scandinavian design from start to finish was really well thought out!  I love that I can always find them because of the travel case.  If you would like Sudio is giving each and everyone of you 15% off when you use code PRETENTIOUSPINK on their website.  https://www.sudio.com/ca/     They have lots of other designs and colors even completely wireless ear buds!

I have been going non stop these past three months and even though we have been having lots of fun and traveling, I haven’t been to the gym or doing the small things that keep me grounded and less stressed out.  I started running and doing some sort of activity these past few days and it feels so good!  It feels so good to be writing again as well!  I’ve missed you guys!



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