Happy Halloween 2017

 In Diary

This Halloween our kiddos were just So So excited!  We got their halloween costumes fairly early on which was great.  I was dying over Brielle’s southern inspired hoopskirt and fancy hat.  Brighton picked out his batman costume because he is living for super heroes and winners.  We had so much fun watching all the kids on our street this year go from house to house. Surprisingly there were a lot more kids this year!  The weather worked out well and we were surprisingly not even cold!  So thankful the snow held off until late this evening.   If you want to watch their excitement before any of the festivities even began click here!

Highlights: We told Brighton he had to say thank you afterwards…so when we were all done and went back to our house to make dinner and pass out what we had left (grandparents were on candy duty) Brighton helps answer the door, gives the candy the a boy and then says to him….MAKE SURE YOU SAY THANK YOU!!!   HONESTLY we all died. I held it in because he was right…but yeah that happened!

Brielle said to one of the houses….”ITS TOOO BIG” about a candy bar which we thought was just so cute because she has never been given a candy bar.

Brielle who is smaller than Brighton was really showing him up by insisting on carrying her heavy bag around all by herself, while Brighton on the other hand had his dad carry his until he got to the doors.  It was until we praised Brielle for being so strong that he was like ughhhh hey dad I can carry my bag now 🙂

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