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Blouse: Express // White Skinny Jeans: // Handbag: Target Canada // White Wedges: Lulus


The Harsh Truth:

There are very few days that I don’t think about my two children and think of a multitude of different scenarios of things that could go wrong, or what if I don’t raise them right, or what if I screw them up!! Years back I read a book that changed my life called Inside My Heart and I’ll never forget it.  Today a Blogger made a whole blog post dedicated to me, based on a tweet that mentioned her posts are very similar to another blogger and in this post she accused me of bullying and was surprised because I was a mom of two.  If this is bullying then I strongly feel we have lost all sense of the word. I don’t  want to live a life where I am too scared to stick up for others for being afraid of situations such as these. I am not a bully. I will not tolerate my children being bully’s, however, I will definitely teach my kids to stick up for what is right and what is fair.  I think that it is unfair of this person to have even brought my children into the equation at all! I retweeted a comment made from someone whom I do not know and simply agreed with her! Why did I agree with her? Because there is truth in what she wrote. If you choose to plagiarize and try to pass of the work as your own… That is wrong!  These are the values that I will instill in my children. I am not just some “bored mom” the photos posted and the text speak all for themselves. The only reason why I even am writing this at all is because she mentioned my kids. Otherwise I would have just chalked it up to a matter of difference of opinion. P.S. Don’t worry about my Children.. That’s my job.

-XOXO Danelle


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