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Canadian Fashion Blogger    FullSizeRender (13) Canadian Fashion Blogger Canadian Fashion Blogger Canadian Fashion Blogger Canadian Fashion Blogger (10) Canadian Fashion BloggerFor our 7th Anniversary Brendan and I took the family to the Calgary Zoo.  Everyone laughs at us because it seems like we are always there.  But when you have season passes it just makes it so easy and you can go without the pressure of feeling like you have to see it all in one day.  We aren’t really allowed to go anywhere except the dinosaur park though. Brighton’s orders.  He seriously loves that place!  Our favorite time of the day to go is around 3:30pm and we always seem to get a parking spot right up front. A few of our favorite spots : Prehistoric Park, The Owls, the Penguins (obvi) and the adorable bears!

Fun Fact: We also went to the Calgary Zoo on our honeymoon week when we were passing through Calgary to Lake Louise.  (We really do love the zoo)

Side Note: I didn’t really want to cook dinner so we went to Moxie’s which was surprisingly kid friendly!  We made it through dinner without any big mishaps which we always feel like giving each other a high five afterwards!  Anyone ever feel so guilty about the mess left under the tables!? I wish I had brought a mini vac in my purse. Now that would have been something.  We didn’t make it through to desert so we put the kids to bed and Brendan walked over and got us 7/11 slurps.  I can’t help but laugh at us.  We are sooo romantic!


XOXO- Danelle B



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