20 Weeks Pregnant & Half Way There!

 In Diary

So I am highly anticipating on finding out the sex of my little nugget as most women at this stage already know (if they choose to).  My appointment was literally scheduled at the very last possible day due to no availability…So I am just squirming!!!

Physically I am doing really well. My skin is starting to itch a bit on my stomach so I am lathering on the lotion. I detest the feeling of lotion clinging to clothes though (that gross wet feeling) so I don’t do it as much as I would like. Too bad it’s not summer, I wouldn’t have to wear all these layers! I also have had such horrible lightning crotch!! I didn’t even know that was a thing!!! My first pregnancy I had no such symptom! It’s just dreadful! I will be so so sad if this lasts the whole time! I had a routine blood test today, no big deal. I won’t have the results back for a while though.

Emotionally these two weeks I have had my ups and downs! Sometimes I can just be soo moody! (probably around the times I am suffering in pain from the stupid lighting crotch) Luckily Valentines day was just recent and I can load up on chocolate and just go MmMMMMMM.

For weight this week I have refused to step on a scale (in fact it’s stuffed away under the bed) but I know that at 18 weeks I had gained 4 pounds in total (129lb) and I would guess I have gained about 2 these past two weeks. I will update you again when I know March 16th 🙂

Diet: I have been so sick at the sight of meat! I just can’t even fathom cooking it much less eating it. I have been loving pineapple, orange, melons, and bananas and have been making lots of breakfast items for dinner??

I have had a great time with Brighton and watching him grow.  He is 10 months and walking now. He has quite the personality! He makes the funniest faces! My favorite is when he completely scrunches his nose up and shows his teeth.


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