2 year anniversary!!

 In Diary

I just realized I havn’t made a journal entry in a very long time. And what better opportunity to update you guys on than my 2 year anniversary! So we basically had a super packed fun filled weekend! Friday night we went camping with a group of friends and I will save this story for the very end! I didn’t get much sleep because I don’t sleep very well while camping out in the woods. We woke up on Saturday and had a great breakfast with the group and then headed off home for my surprise. I guess now is probably the time when I should say that Saturday was Brendan’s day to plan a surprise for me and Sunday was my day to plan a surprise for him.  So we got home, and Brendan runs off to run some errands while I shower. He came back with a canoe! So we drove out to the lake near the house and he paddled while I took lots of pictures! We did this for  about an hour..he was kinda sad that we didn’t make it out to the big part of the lake that has the fountains and parliament building. But not too sad because we went to the football game!  When we came home I was soo exhausted from my lack of sleep that I took a nap. Brendan had marinated a steak overnight and BBQ them and they were RIDICULOUSLY good. Best steak sauce ever! That’s what it’s called. No really that’s the name of it. On Saturday we checked into the hotel Saskatchewan (yes that was my big surprise!) I am such a girl! I had chocolate covered strawberries delivered from edible arrangements enjoyed some champagne, dined in the hotel, and rented lots of movies. I feel like we had the best of both worlds!

He is so sweet!
Dinner at our hotel Pasta Primavera! YUMM
Cheescake a must!
The steak Brendan made
He did all this on his own while I took a nap!
Football game!

Camping Trip: Holy Smokes! So terrifying! So condensed as much as possible. We have a girls tent and a boys tent. 4 girls and like 7 guys. We had a great dinner, great day, winding down and everyone asleep by 1am. At 330 am we hear this man right outside our tent raging mad! Screaming at the top of his lungs. Things that were absolutely nuts! He was threatening to kill himself, that he wanted to leave the world, so on and so forth. It kept getting closer and closer to where we were and we all were freaking! We all made the decision to run to the boys tent. So we ran! We ran faster than I can even say. We were like FLASH. After ambushing the boys tent and getting them to stop kicking us because they didn’t know it was us. They didn’t believe us. They were several camp sites down from us and didn’t hear a thing. but then sure enough seconds later they could hear the man. We called cops of course and they took there precious time. Once they arrived they couldn’t find the guy! He magically stopped screaming. I should mention that this man had several of his friends with him babysitting and he was reallllly drunk! We got back to bed around 445 am maybe 5. We prayed for that man and that he would be ok. Around 615 am a HUGE thunderstorm came down on us and soaked the inside of our tent. I mean it was drenched! I wasn’t really effected by this that much because I brought a blow up mattress. But that thunder was so loud that it kept me up. I did fall back asleep half an hour later. Man! What a night though huh!!



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