12 Essentials To Elevate Your Glamping Experience

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Family Geodesic Dome
  1. A Cozy Rug
  2. Throw Blankets not Only for lounging but for the Campfire
  3. Lighting all kinds, Hanging LED battery lamps, solar ground lights,
  4. Charcuterie Boards So great for cutting and prepping but also for serving
  5. Vases for flowers for the table and Bathroom
  6. Bluetooth Speaker
  7. Hanging Toiletry Bag
  8. Folding Table and Weighted Table cloths for a prep station and food station. It gives lots more room on the picnic table.
  9. Board Games, Cards,
  10. Kites, Floats, Lake toys
  11. Epic Menu
  12. Outdoor/Indoor Mat for Crafts

Glamping Packing List Bathroom Edit 1) Room scent for above toilet (dollar store) 2) Dry shampoo, body wash, loofa, brush, body lotion, bed time meds (mine), long lanyard to hang loofa 3) Hanging toiletry bag had skincare, makeup (barely used it would opt for just my bb cream next trip) toothbrushes and toothpaste 4) First Aid Kit (bug bite cream, band-aides, Benadryl, children and adult Tylenol, tums tweezers for splinters)

Kitchen Edit 1) large Charcuterie Board (my top pick) 2) Large juice container 3) Fruit Colander 4) Oven mitts for hot items off BBQ 5) Flower vases from home 6) Mosquito candles from dollar store 7) Clear serving trays and bowl and serving spoons from dollar store 8) Linen napkins/ extra trash bags 9) Folding table (not necessary but totally helpful to have a serving station/prep station) 10) Lined table cloth with clip on weights (both dollar store) 11) Cooler to transport perishables 12) Insulate picnic/outing bag for drinks snacks 13) Cooler cold packs not only for cooler transport but picnic trips 14) Gallons of water 15) Plastic wine cups/ solo cups/water thermos/ extra cutlery 16) Coffee drip 17) BBQ ten foil bbq tongs 18) Dish soap and scrubber (didn’t need it/provided) 19) Tape /string/ scissors/lighter (didn’t need it/ provided) 20) Kitchen towel/ sanitizer wipes/ night light for faint light (very helpful with kids)

Outdoor Edit 1) outdoor mat for kids to lay on play on came with front door mat (Canadian Tire) 2) Solar lights 4 pack for steps (Canadian Tire) 3) Mosquito fire torches and citronella oil (could t use bc of fire ban) 4) Black poles for lantern lighting and battery led lanterns dollar store finds 5) Paint/ frisbee/ bean bag toss/ family float for six and small floats, life vests, pumps to inflate and deflate/ LAKE TOWELS and picnic blankets/ kites/color books, bubbles 6) Adult chairs and kids chairs (domes have two, we liked having extras to bring to lake or put in additional spots as needed like the pool or around the dome) 7) Bug spray, sunscreen, hats, pants and long socks (ticks!) 8) Chair blankets for fire pits 9) Brought marshmallows roasting sticks (didn’t need it provided) 10) Picnic basket/insulated bag 11) Brought cute patio lights (couldn’t use them outdoors no plug in) 12) Umbrella in case of rain so you can hold it and still cook on bbq

Make It A Home Edit 1) Throw blankets for lounging 2) Inside floor rug (top pick! Kids played on it everyday) 3) Flowers 4) I brought my knee pillow/throw pillow 5) JBL charge 4 wireless speaker ! 6) Robe/inside slippers/ warm socks/warm night layers 7) We backed one small duffle each for clothes/pjs/socks etc 8) I highly recommended packing sleep eye masks.

Inside Activities Edit 1)LEGO kit 2)Battleship, Yahtzee, cards 3)Nighttime books and math workbooks ( Brighton likes it) 4)Dance party 5) Projector flashlight of images onto the ceiling of dome ( so cool moonlite books) 6) Child safety lock for front door. The ones that go on knob and spin. 7) Kindle e reader, USB charging Dock for watch,cell, battery pack but I never plugged in too many items at once.

And lastly our MENU

Saturday afternoon-Monday AM Saturday •Walnut, strawberry, avocado mixed green salad with hemp hearts and vinaigrette • 4 AAA Alberta Beef Steaks salt/ pepper (brought cracked pepper used their salt) • Grilled asparagus and tomato in EVOO wrapped in tin foil • Meat, cheese, olive charcuterie that we snacked and drank with the rest of evening. • Frozen Minute Maid lunch in pitcher •SMORES Sunday AM Simple scrambled eggs, vegan apple sausage cooked on bbq with coffee Sunday Lunch Caprese style sandwiches. Pesto, ciabatta bread, sliced mozzarella, basil, sliced tomatoes, pepper, we added some charcuterie cuts also. Fruit bowl of oranges, strawberries, apples Pre Dinner Snack The cone artists ice cream truck Unicorn Cup Sunday Dinner Flatbread pizzas and corn on the cob side fruit Monday AM We had toasted everything Bagels with Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, dill, and capers We also cut up a watermelon � ! ⛺ We packed our favourite night time drinks like jack, rum, tequila and mostly mixed with mango juice and Minute Maid fruit punch. There is a freezer so bring ice!!!!

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