10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are FREE

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Mothers Day 2017

My very first Mother’s Day was in 2013.  I honestly will never forget it. I don’t think I realized how much motherhood would change me.  Being a mom has softened me, challenged me, driven me to be better and do better. It’s not easy and it’s far from perfect like all of the happy moments I post frequently. There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes. I think recognizing those moments and addressing them for what they are always give me perspective and the valour to remove my pride long enough to apologize for wrongdoings or mistakes.

What I am saying is I am not perfect. I have days where I fail my kids, and my husband. Give yourself some grace in these moments and try better next time. I try to learn from it.

What I am learning a lot these past few months is that it is completely ok to admit that I can’t handle my load. I have a lot on the go and a lot going on and admitting that I need help, a break, time away, a little me time is completely ok and I don’t need to feel guilty for feeling this way. What I have also learned is that we so desperately need encouragement!

It’s not often that my toddlers tell me “Hey mom your really did an awesome job cleaning my toilet today!” Or “Hey Mom I really enjoyed dinner tonight” and to be honest saying it to yourself doesn’t have the same effect.

Obviously these are two silly examples but us moms just don’t get feedback for our home management trade/skills often. Moms who are pulling triple duty and have a career might also get more encouragement from work peers than they do their little kiddos. Possibly? Regardless I love hearing when I am doing a good job! It doesn’t matter who it’s from either. I honestly believe most people are wired this way. I challenge you to be encouraging to those close to you not only on Mothers Day but whenever possible. Encouragement goes such a long way. Believe me! It can carry me on for a whole week and more! It is fuel, it is positivity, light, sweetness to not so easy days.

The point: I am so blessed and honoured to be a mom, to have a day to reflect on being a mom and feel the gratitude. But I need a whole lot more than just one day a year…and that’s ok!


There are loads of Mothers Day Gift Guides out there for you to peruse and get great inspiration from.  I am going to share 10 great gifts that I personally would love to receive that do not require going to a store.


  1. Hand Picked Garden Flowers Melts my heart every time!
  2. Family Picnic with an outdoor game or adventure
  3. Wine and a bubble bath for some ME time
  4. Family Movie Night with all the treats and popcorn, cozy blankets and PJS
  5. Breakfast in Bed, Family Breakfast, whatever it is as long as I don’t have to clean it up or cook it!
  6. Fold all the laundry, put it away, Tidy the house, or any other way to help around the house
  7. Family walk to park
  8. A morning to let her do her favourite activity or past time like read, write, get dressed alone
  9. Kids Crafts or handmade cards are so sincere and I love love love them!
  10. Wash and clean out her car!….Please!?

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