Worry Free Money

I was browsing around Chapters one day after pre school drop off in hopes of finding an old school budget planner.  While I found no such planner, I did grab two financial books on a whim. When I spotted the book I wasn’t sure if it was the cheerful yellow that grabbed my attention or […] Read More

Thai Express Grand Opening in Grasslands

Did your hear? YQR is getting a new Thai Express!   Their grand opening will be this Saturday March 24th. They will be having a ribbon ceremony and we plan on being there at 11AM!! It is the same weekend as the New Structube Grand Opening so it’s the place to be this weekend!!! Whats your […] Read More

Skye Cafe Bistro

Skye Cafe Bistro (vegan and gf)  Brendan and I have had the pleasure of going to Skye Cafe Bistro on a few occasions.  We have enjoyed it so much that I decided to share a bit about this sweet spot on my blog!  I almost always order something that is completely vegan and it’s always […] Read More

Valentines Day Date

Real Talk… The past Several years, Valentines Day always felt like it came at the worst time. It was right after Christmas, we would be trying to make winter travel plans, I hate going out in the cold. We used to do things like traveling dinners, or get creative with movie marathons.  But their was […] Read More

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