Valentines Day Date

Real Talk… The past Several years, Valentines Day always felt like it came at the worst time. It was right after Christmas, we would be trying to make winter travel plans, I hate going out in the cold. We used to do things like traveling dinners, or get creative with movie marathons.  But their was […] Read More

Christmas 2017

      From what I recall this is the first family Christmas we stayed home!  We actually really loved it so much, that we plan on doing it again this year!  Getting away in January just seemed so much more relaxing.  Because we were staying home I really spent a lot more effort in […] Read More

Happy Halloween 2017

This Halloween our kiddos were just So So excited!  We got their halloween costumes fairly early on which was great.  I was dying over Brielle’s southern inspired hoopskirt and fancy hat.  Brighton picked out his batman costume because he is living for super heroes and winners.  We had so much fun watching all the kids […] Read More

Thanksgiving in Winnipeg

Brielle seeing the HUGE TREX moving at the Winnipeg at the ZOO The Dinosaurs Alive at Winnipeg Zoo They were not interested in cheesing here One BIG Bird This is Brielle’s OOTD for the Zoo!! We ordered in Breakfast in our Clarions Hotel Room to get them started for the day Apparently I left the TV […] Read More

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