Paw Patrol Birthday Party

This year Brighton asked for a Paw Patrol cake!  Boy oh Boy did I luck out with this one!  It’s literally so beautiful.  We just oohed and awed over it and toyed with the idea of not eating it (very short lived thought) He had such a special day and we were just so happy […] Read More

Family Life Retreat in Victoria Day 2

I wore this look on Day 2 of being in Victoria, B.C. at the Family Life Marriage Retreat. Be sure to check out the first post HERE. And in the evening I added some heat and wore a red lip and darkened up my eyes a bit. The schedule was from 9AM to 10AM and then […] Read More

FamilyLife Retreat in Victoria Day 1

Sweater is from {Bootleggers} I stole it for $4.99! So I am about to get a whole lot of real with you guys! It’s been a good long while since I have used this blog for a diary entry which is something I commonly did in it’s inception back in 2009. For those of you […] Read More

My Two Tots

Photos taken by Sarah Cheshire  People often say that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday” I really just have a hard time with getting behind that.  I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I love celebrating love and marriage.  I could be wrong but I remember reading about it and recall that it also had to do with […] Read More

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