The Market

Today Brendan and I went to the market and spent 3 hours just walking around and taking in all the stimulation. For me I was swarmed with italian leather, purses, boots, sweaters, etc. and then we spent maybe 30 minutes of that time spending, spending. This market is full of the most random and amazing […] Read More

Date Day

First time I have touched snow is sooooooo many years! This lil guy jumped up on Brendan because he wanted more food! King of the Hill The three seasons Winter,Fall,and Summer Dolomites Sunday afternoon we got in the car and just drove. We knew the general direction that we wanted to go was towards Fassa […] Read More


Good ol’ Webster defines stress as a condition in which an individual fails to make a satisfactory adaption. An article named “Too Much Stress Burns Out Brain Cells” is the title of an article that discusses recent research finds. Whenever a person moves into a flight-or-fight response to stressful situations, adrenaline and cortisol are released […] Read More

La Montana! Kronplatz Italy

A lot can happen in just two weeks. I will start with, I got a job with a company called Grain teaching English to adult students in the evenings. I go tomorrow to pick out what books I will use and order in the class for the students. Verrry excited! I really wanted to go […] Read More

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