6 Color Themed Kindergarten Lunches!

Blue Day! Blue corn chips, Wow Butter and grape sandwich, blueberry yoghurt, blue jello with sharks, simply fit blueberry granola, school safe banana bread.  Red Day! Wow butter and strawberry jam, red bell pepper, red grape tomatoes, twizzlers, strawberries, watermelon, red bell pepper triscuits, chicken cut out in shapes, red apple, daiya strawberry yoghurt. Yellow […] Read More

Edo Your Heart Out

Did you know how versatile the Edo Japan Menu is?   Last week our family had the opportunity to go three times and boy did we Edo our hearts out! Day 1 We went for a healthier lunch option before we all went to the fair !  We decided to check out the new Grasslands location! […] Read More

Wascana Lake Marina Rentals

  Grey TShirt is ZSupply // Headphones c/o Sudio        //   Growing up near a beach my whole life has given me a real love for being near the water.  It gives me so much peace and clarity!  I was so impressed with how easy it is to rent kayaks down at […] Read More

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